What to Expect at Your Measure and Installation

Schedule time is not work time; it is a window of arrival. On rare occurrences due to circumstances out of our control we may arrive outside of our window of arrival. A typical kitchen installation will take 3-5 hours on average.

We do not call and confirm appointments. If you are not available for your appointment and we arrive and cannot measure or install there will be an additional $150.00 trip charge.

All cabinets including end panels, legs etc. need to be screwed to wall or in their final location BEFORE we measure.  If there are missing cabinets or cabinets not secured we CAN NOT measure. If you have not purchased your sink(s) from us, it needs to be at your house at time of measure. The sink(s) are required for measure and if you do not have them it will be a $150.00 trip charge for an additional measure appointment. If you are installing a farm sink it needs to be installed before measure. Any new appliances also need to be in place when we measure/install.

NO changes will be accepted after measure.

All counters need to be cleared off completely when we measure.

We DO NOT reconnect plumbing or install your faucet. We DO NOT reconnect any appliances.

If you have animals or children that are sensitive to chemicals it is required that you have them not on site on the day of installation.

Natural stone is a product of nature and commonly contains pits, fissures, veining, and color variation, among other things.

Natural Stones have individuality, all natural stone are not created equally which results in different appearance, texture, and polish. This should be expected in natural stone.

If you have ordered backsplashes, they sit on the countertop flush to the wall. Stone does not flex. If your walls are bowed you may see gaps behind the backsplashes that in most cases can be filled with paintable caulk (we do not apply). If the gap is too big to be filled you may have to repair the drywall area to correct the gap between the wall and the backsplash.

Surface Solutions does not reconnect any plumbing after installation of countertop. Do not reconnect the plumbing or have a plumber reconnect until the next day. Do not use sink or dishwasher prior to plumbing being reconnected. The silicone needs to dry completely from when we mount your sink prior to plumbing being hooked up.

ALL overhangs over 8" need to have supports in place prior to installation. Surface Solutions does not install supports. We CANNOT install your granite without proper supports. It is your responsibility to have these in place prior to install. Any knee wall 4" in width with an overhang must have supports installed to support the weight of the granite. In certain granites and quartz’s you can have an overhang up to 12” without supports. This can be determined at your measure by our measure tech.

Tear out & haul away of existing countertops are an optional purchase. It is not included in the job unless specified as included. If you require tear out please inform us prior to signing the contract.  IF WE ARE TEARING OUT YOUR EXISTING COUNTERTOP there will be dust that will result from the tear-out, so it is to your discretion to empty cabinets and/or drawers. We request that your cook-top and sink cabinet be thoroughly cleaned out prior to our arrival.

Although our installers are careful, you may have to repair some drywall dings, nicks, damage etc. following the tear out or installation of your countertops.

Most cooktop and drop-in cut-outs are finished in the home, which will create dust. Faucet holes are drilled in the home which will create dust.

Never sit, stand, or walk on your quartz/stone countertops.

Cleaning and Sealing the granite is the last step we will do for your installation. We are applying "Tenax Proseal" which forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains while allowing vapor to escape. To clean countertops: Use a mild soap and water or 409 "Natural Stone Cleaner" sold at Menards, Jewel or Ace Hardware.

We recommend you re-seal your granite every 2-5 years with "Tenax Proseal" which can be purchased from Surface Solutions. Follow directions as indicated on the package. There can be a haze and/or streaking that can last up to three weeks after application. THIS IS NORMAL. This will disappear after a few weeks of normal cleaning. 

Visiting Our Location

The first step in getting your new countertops is to come into our location at 9615 194th Street, Mokena, IL 60448 right off Interstate 80 and South LaGrange Rd.

Here's what you will need to bring with you to start the process:

  • A rough drawing of your current cabinet layout.  If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing space bring in the blueprints/cabinet drawings.
  • Any cabinet samples, tile samples, or other designs in order to help you in selecting the perfect stone for you.

Making Selections

You will start by getting a clipboard selection sheet.  On this sheet it will allow you to easily select your slab color, sink model, and edge detail.

Once you receive the clipboard selection sheet here's what's next:

  • Select your stone by walking through our many isles of slabs.
  • Select your sink choice (if purchasing sink from Surface Solutions) from our many sink displays.
  • Select your edge from our edge detail display.
  • Select whether you would like a backsplash out of the slab or if you will be doing a tile backsplash.
  • Select whether you would like us to tear out and haul away your existing countertops.

Receiving a Quote

Once you have made all your final selections you will return the clipboard selection sheet and your rough drawing/cabinet layout to a sales associate to start the quote and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  The quote will be based on your selection sheet and drawing.  The quote is not a final price until after Surface Solutions professionally measures and reviews the measurements.  We then calculate the final price.   Once you receive your quote and are ready to purchase you will be required to pay 100% of the quoted price and sign a contract to start the measurement process and to hold your slab selection.  Once you have made your payment you will then schedule a measurement date/time, layout date/time (if needed), and installation date/time.


We have two measurement windows of time, 9am - 1pm or between 1pm - 5pm.  On the day of measurement the measure tech will call with a 30 min notice.  Typical measurements take between 1 - 2 hours.

What to do before your measure:

  • Completely clear off your existing countertops.
  • If not purchasing a sink from Surface Solutions, you will need to have your need sink at the home at the time of measure.
  • Have your existing/new appliances installed before your measure.

During your measure:

  • The measurement technician and you will discuss any overhangs and any supports that will be needed.
  • The measurement technician and you will discuss seam/joint placement.
  • The measurement technician will take your sink template or physical sink (if no sink template is present).

Measurement Review

After your measurement is finished the drawing and dimensions/details are sent back to our facility for review.  During this review your sales associate will calculate your exact square footage needed and verify all the details.  If your measurement review requires any changes to the original quoted contract they will be done at this time.  Your sales associate will contact you to discuss the changes and have you resign the revised contract.


After your measure is complete, if you chose to do a layout it will be done at this time.  A layout is done at our facility.  It allows us to place clear transparent plastic printed in the shape of your countertops on your slab or slabs to view where specific veining and seams will be located.  We then trace the printed plastic with a white marking pen for fabrication.


After your measure review or layout is complete your countertops will go into fabrication.  This is where we cut and polish your slab or slabs into a finished ready to install countertop.  We use the highest quality polishing pads and cutting machinery to insure the countertops fit perfect and look great for the years to come.  After all polishing is complete the countertops will go through quality control to make sure the counters are at there highest quality.  The finished pieces then go on a finished jobs cart ready for installation.


We have two installation windows of time, between 9am - 1pm or between 1pm - 5pm.  On the day of installation the installers will call with a 30 min notice.  Installation usually takes 3 - 4 hours on kitchens and 1 - 3 hours on bathrooms, outdoor grills, basement bars, or fireplaces.  After the installation is complete our installers will seal your countertops with Tenax Proseal sealer.  The sealer is good for 3-5 years and you can purchase the sealer at our facility and easily apply yourself after the first year.  Ask your sales associate for further details.